Saturday, 14 February 2015

Meet the angel who has transformed education and cultural movement in Ladakh.......Aamir khan's character in the movie 3 Idiots is inspired from this gentleman

Sonam has adopted a three - tiered localization strategy to bring about educational reforms. In creating Village Education Committees, providing teacher training and introducing language and cultural reforms, Sonam hopes to build an educational model to improve Ladakh schools.

in 1996 on popular demand, the Hill Council adopted Sonam's participation model "Operation New Hope" as its official policy for the government schools of Ladakh.

An engineer by qualification, Sonam has incorporated the use of solar energy at hostel in Phey and has also set up a learning center for students to learn about Solar energy.

Sonam has been persistently working to update and simplify the Ladakhi script.

Aamir Khan's character in the 3 Idiots movie was inspired on Sonam and his work.

Before he started off with his contribution to education only 5% Ladakhi students used to pass the SSC exams and with his intervention  now the results have gone up to 80% students passing the SSC exams.

A dedicated, passionate and transformational leader that i have ever come across who has made such a huge impact to the student educational and cultural movement.

He can be reached on