Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meet the one man army who has transformed a village into an alcohol and tobacco free zone............

An inspiring success story of how one individual has turned a village into an alcohol and tobacco free zone.

Mr. Nagabhushana, has literally transformed the fate of a village by making it alcohol and tobacco free, by providing better employment and education and even increasing the marriage age of girls.

Tucked in the folds of Krishnagiri forests in Tamil Nadu and forgotten at the state's borders with Karnataka, lies this tribal village - Noorundumalai. Two decades ago,
23 years Nagabushana, born into a tribal family in Noorundumalai, came back to the village after completing his masters in social work. There were a million things that he wanted to change in Noorundumalai. One big problem that grappled the village was alcoholism. Men of all ages were under its spell.

Nagabushana's involvement in various social and development issues of the villages brought him admiration and acceptance in the village. He soon started an association of Tobacco and Alcohol Free Rural Youth. Even in the face of death threats, he stood unbridled by these deterrents.

Noorundumalai is alcohol and tobaco free since 2002. There are literally no shops here that sell cigarettes or liquor. Nagabushana then decided to start a trust named Namanam. In the last ten years, over 1000 youngsters have found a new direction for their lives through Namanam.

Now, for a little surprise element - he managed to bring about all these changes in the villages through twenty years of hard work while he held a full time job. Currently, he is DGM HR in Bosch, Bangalore.

Big salute to this individual who is truly dedicated and made a big impact to so many lives...............

To know more details about the village and the trust you can reach him on