Wednesday, 29 July 2015



It indeed is a very sad moment as our “Missile Man” is no longer amidst us. I see in every news channel, FM, media, whatsapp etc people voluntarily coming out in open and sharing about it and talking about it. It indeed talks volumes of such a legend who has directly or indirectly touched the nation thru his work.  

In fact very few are lucky who get love and respect in abundance wherever they go. He was one of them. He was a man who worn many hats. It was the hat of teaching and connecting with students which kept him more occupied and busy towards his fag end of his life. He didn’t die while watching movie, sleeping, etc but doing what he loved doing i.e. being with the students and talking to them.

I had a great privilege of listening to this maestro two years ago at one of the NHRD meets at Hyderabad and seeing is believing. His every words still resonates with me and is golden memory for me forever.

While driving down I thought to myself what would make this legend happy and as an attitude of gratitude to all that our Bharat Ratna has given to our country if we were to simply say a “Big Thank You” or “RIP” will it suffice…………….. maybe ………..maybe not. We may talk about it for a day or two or worst for a week or month. Then things will move on as it was…………each year on 27th July people will remember him……….UN or somebody will call it by some or the other name and his story will go on for centuries………………

If you have read about his life story then some smart movie maker would in near future make a film about it and why not rightly as it definitely has the potential of getting into breaking the Bahubali records……………

So friends, if we are truly indebted to this great soul and want to offer your sincere gratitude ……….lets start right away reflecting within us inwardly and ask to our self:

·         What really touched you deeply about this great soul?
o   Is it about his Values?
o   Is it his selfless love and dedication to the country and for his work?
o   Is it about his books – Wings on Fire, etc
o   Is it about his beautiful quotes which inspires us?
o   Is it about what he got to our country in terms of Nuclear Prowess?
o   Is it about his simple life style and simplicity?
o   Is it about his leading a life as a common man and bachelor?
o   Is it about his healthy food habits, teetotaler and strict vegetarian?
o   Is it about him not to be found in the midst of Page 3 celebrities, etc?
o   Is it about him working daily 24 by 7 and following his goals and passion till the end of his breath?
o   I can go on and on……………………..

So, what’s it about that you relate to and then connect with it. You can make a paradigm shift in yourself with this life triggering movement if it is really so in true sense to you. You can make it as part of your new DNA / Attitude / Behaviour / Mind set…………………………….

Imagine what would happen to India and Indians if each one of us were to simply pick up one quality / attitude / attribute that touched your hearts and imbibe it in true sense in our daily life……………… I guess that would be the single greatest tribute that we could pay as homage to this great soul…………