Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Chakraview.......Indian version of Management Principles based on Mythology

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The process - Chakravyuha Nasham!

What it means- We all are trapped in certain challenges and internal limitations, and we live our life with Strings attached and self imposed constraints.One can get personal breakthrough with this process, using Shastras (Shields), the important point in the process was-
One acknowledges that there is a Chakravyuha!
One identifies what it is!
One identifies what are the root causes!
One identifies what tools - Shastras we can use to fulfil our dreams and overcome the barriers which are stopping us!
It was an intense experience.
Super visual effects were created for the process, music with Indian chants were only adding spiritual touch to the whole experience!
Over all it was unique experience.
Thanks Ajit Kamath , CPF for the concept, design and flawless facilitation of the event!