Thursday, 31 March 2016

SMALL CHANGE ..........BIG DIFFERENCE...............

A small ripple in the ocean can cause a whirlpool
A minuscule crack in the glacier can cause an avalanche
The flutter of a butterfly’s wings may alter the path of a tornado
A tiny inner voice may start the biggest decision of your life

Throughout history we have innumerable examples of how small changes lead to forming new relationships………...building new technologies………. generating new ideas…….forming a new mindset…... routing fear and inhibition!

Nelson Mandela took a small step by wearing the Springbok jersey in the 1995 Rugby World Cup Finals – a symbolic action for unifying the blacks and the white Afrikaaners…the difference……creation of a new moral compass for South Africa.

Adam Gilchrist achieved an astonishing feat by carrying a squash ball in his left glove that gave him a better grip of the bat……the difference……….the fastest century in 2007 World Cup Final with 13 fours and 8 sixes off just 104 balls.

Henri Frederic Amiel observed: “what we call little things are merely the causes of great things; they are the beginning, the embryo, and it is the point of departure which, generally speaking, decides the whole future of an existence. It’s not just about making big changes in order to get to a big difference. Sometimes it’s all about knowing which small change to make along the way, knowing that they can make the biggest difference of all”.

Sweating on the small stuff seems like a huge task especially with mounting deadlines. We often get so caught up in long meetings, e-mails and spreadsheets that we ignore the small wins or the small changes in thought, attitude or behavior that can create a huge impact on team performance and productivity.

SMALL CHANGE .....BIG DIFFERENCE attitude can give us an opportunity to make a subtle shift in thinking and change perspectives to deal with results in our key areas.

Would be interested to learn from you about your SMALL CHANGE BIG DIFFERENCE Stories?

“The journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step”
-          Lao Tzu

Friday, 25 March 2016

Emotional Contract............

I was gearing up for a meeting at 10:30 am on Monday morning with an employee from the Software team who had spent more than 4 yrs with the company and had put up his papers last week. I knew the employee was fairly engaged with his work, liked by his peers and was taking active participation in most of the cross functional teams across his area of work. So what went wrong?

The purpose of meeting him was to figure out the trigger of his exit and to explore the options of retaining him by changing the project, location, etc.

What stumped me while having the conversation with him was: he said: “you are the first person who is genuinely interested in me and talking about staying back”. After further quizzing him I learnt that his immediate supervisor’s knee jerk reaction was “now that you have planned to go, go after some time and not immediately” as it will hamper her ongoing project work. The dept head reacted by saying “since the entire year you did so and so work I can’t give you more than certain rating during PMS which will translate into 12% increment”. The supervisor didn’t have the courage and cheek to go and influence the dept head about retaining the employee nor the dept head bothered to check out the trigger for his exit. He fairly assumed it would be money and started talking the language of PMS 12% rise and so forth.

I could tacitly gather lot of engagement drivers that needed to be worked upon in the team with this conversation. However, what left me in greater thoughts was about the emotional and psychological contract that the employee had towards his work, supervisor, team and company which no longer was the same post he put his papers and saw the reaction from his supervisor and dept head.

Could the similar situation be handled in a different way? The answer is Yes. Maybe the employee may have still left us and gone but he would have continued to be our brand ambassador despite not working with us. How can one aim for that sort of engagement when your ex employees talk highly about you while they are no longer working in the same organization? The answer is simple and not rocket science – make their stay including the exit as memorable as possible and treat them with humane approach as they were welcomed in the system on the first day of joining. Create enough memorable memories and experience to cherish so that the employee continues to give his best productive performance even on the last day of his work!

The days are gone when employees used to work for single organizations for the rest of their lives. Can we do something genuinely on retaining good talent? We all know the cost of replacement and bad hire could cost the organization in the long run.

What are your thoughts? Your own experience? Best practices that we can learn…………..

Thursday, 24 March 2016

FRAME GAME Process................helped to get the participants mindset out in 15 mins...............

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Grand Finale.............participants capturing the 2 day TEAMSHIP learnings in a Symbolic Charade..........

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Teamship Journey with Orissa team.............

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Game Changer Awards for "Innovative Initiatives in Talent Retention"............

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Larger frame.........

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Talk on Human Sensitivity Index at JBIMS............

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Speaker at JBIMS @ famous Mumbai University convocation hall.........

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Star Busting process...........

Powerful Brainstorming process

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Debriefing process..