Saturday, 2 April 2016

Performance Appraisals – It’s more like a GPS system!!!

Friends, Once again, it’s the annual Performance Appraisal time! Am are Enthused! Confused? Eager? Want to avoid & run?

Is your response based on the thought is “PMS (Performance Management System) a necessary evil” or “PMS an enabler”

Do your team members, given a choice, between a root canal and a performance evaluation, opt for later or do they look forward to the former?

Perhaps, this depends on how you manage the appraisals? How do you prepare yourself for the appraisals? How do you handle difficult people and conflict situations? How can you conduct effective appraisal counselling/ mentoring?

Performance Appraisals is more like a GPS system - collect data from multiple satellites (raters), predict your location (current rating) and provide you directions (Learning & Development Plan).

The effectiveness of any performance management measure is based on how well a rating can predict an outcome, and how reliable is the source of that rating. While no one person’s opinion is in itself necessarily predictive, the aggregate average of several raters on multiple metrics really does provide a very accurate gauge of the skills of a manager.

I am pondering on:

1.    How to have better conversations with employees, suggesting an empowering… rather than merely evaluative end in mind…

2.    Can Performance reviews be fun?

3.    Is PMS (Performance Management System) really necessary or is it my job or is it the HR’s function?

4.    Do Managers take ownership for the appraisals of their team members?

5.    How PMS (Performance Management System) helps you in your self development and your team for superior performance?

6.    How PMS can develop non-performers?

Looking forward to your experience and sharing your best practices.................