Saturday, 30 April 2016

Investment to beat inflation............

COLA – Cost of Living allowance plays an important part while arriving at your yearend increments. This is not the only factor but one of the most important factor which is referred by most.

In times of VUCA world how do we beat inflation? By changing jobs? Asking for double digits increments? By gunning for a promotion or moving into bosses chair? Maybe increase in the take home money would bail you from inflation for a short term but may not always sustain in the long term.

So what’s the best way to beat inflation? We have financial advisors and experts who will give you loads of advice on investment from the financial perspective so I am going to skip that part and talk about something more important.

According to me the best way to beat inflation is to invest in “yourself”. Yes, you read it correctly. Simple, yet many times we ignore or tend to postpone. We may spend big bucks for our grooming and dressing but when it comes to investing our grey matter we either look upon our company for nominating / sponsorship or don’t pay much attention towards it. It may be true to some while we may have someone who periodically invests from his own pockets. Look at the success and growth rate of those who periodically invests on their own and vice versa.

Another tip I would like to share from my experience is start treating right away any new skills or knowledge that you acquire – treat it like a "promotion". You would be pleasantly surprised that with this attitude you would be getting multiple promotions on a daily basis. Enjoy and celebrate the promotions as if you celebrate your birthdays………………see the change and transformation within you!!

I got promoted today when was your last promotion? Would love to hear from you about your promotion stories ………………



Friday, 29 April 2016

Talk on SHRM........

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I am Ok : You are not Ok!!!

I am sure you would have encountered umpteen number of times the experience of “I am Ok you are not Ok” behavior at your corporate life or personal life or both. Most of us have this feeling when it comes to managing and dealing with our Boss. Did I hear someone saying spouse……hmnnnn well let’s not go there as I am not an expert to comment on that area!

Come back, when was the last time you felt terribly awfully disturbed? What disturbed you? What were the causes? What happened and how did you feel and react? The bigger question for you to ponder is you able to critically differentiate between; where you in the mind frame of “Somebody disturbing me” or “I am disturbed”?

That somebody could be job, work, career, boss, subordinate, customer, vendor, lack of freedom, heath, studies, situation, etc. The trick is not to get trapped in the negative emotions and look externally outwards for your disturbances. 

STOP and get out of your ‘BED’ - the ‘B’lame game, ‘E’xcuse syndrome and ‘D’enial mode. The more you start taking action externally to dispel the disturbances it will cause more disturbance. Funny, but that’s the reality.  

START working on the mindset that I am disturbed and internalize it by acknowledging, accepting and taking 100% ownership. Recognize the current reality graciously that “I am disturbed” and be committed to make a change. Daily spend some time for greater depths of silence for you to deeply reflect. Slowly and gradually Lo behold you would experience the shift from “I am disturbed” state to “I am ok” and I am ok with the person and situation that’s causing you disturbance. The turmoil in your mind disappears by itself.

Try practising empathy and sharpen your emotional intelligence skills.  



Monday, 25 April 2016

Have you applied Brakes?

What sort of question is this? Brakes are meant to apply while driving…………to avoid hitting someone or stop the vehicle. In corporate life we have this option of applying brakes.

Every single day you are running around in the corporate life without brake or break. Sit in a corner and think for yourself when was the last time you asked yourself the question “where am I going”? Most of us are going ……….but going where?

We are so immersed in the mad rat race that we fail to apply brakes at the right moment. Let me give an example: most organizations / teams spend considerable amount of time, money, energy, mind power, etc in defining annual plans / strategic vision / objectives, etc. However, during the daily chore of execution most of the organizations / teams miss out the option of applying brakes to take mid course corrections. How many teams or organizations run something which is similar to pitstops for formula races?

Its high time we know that we have brakes to apply and use it at the right time. Without applying brakes you cannot stop and get down where you want to go from where you are currently in.

Shyam Iyer 

Thursday, 21 April 2016


What is it? A strength based analysis tool useful at the start of strategic conversations / planning. The letters stand for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. It is a more positive version of the well known SWOT analysis. 

SOAR fosters a constructive, growth oriented and possibility focused understanding of the organisation’s potential. My preferred personal model is SOAR.

Sharing below a SOAR Sample:

  • What are we doing really well?
  • What are our greatest assets?
  • What are we most proud of accomplishing?
  • What makes us unique?
  • What do our strengths tell us about our skills?
  • How do we use our strengths to get results?

  • How do we collectively understand outside threats?
  • Top three opportunities we should focus our efforts on?
  • What is the organization asking us to do?
  • How can we best partner with our customers?
  • What synergies can we create with other groups?

  • When we explore our values and aspirations, what are we deeply passionate about?
  • What’s our most compelling aspiration? Who should we become?
  • How do we allow our values to drive our vision?
  • How can we make a difference for all stakeholders?

  • With our strengths, opportunities and aspirations what would indicate we’re on track for achieving our goals?
  • What do we want to be known for?
  • How do we tangibly translate our strengths, opportunities and aspirations?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Recruiter’s and Hiring Managers nightmare.....


Imagine how the Corporate world would look if you knew the probability of joining, of the candidate you are desperately looking to hire! When you don’t have to keep praying till the candidate shows up on the joining date, when you would upfront know how many offers this candidate has not honored so far in his career!

This will reduce and arrest candidates who agree to join and later don’t honor the offer. Can the HR community delve upon and build a reputation system for the job seekers eg number of offers honored, etc like a ‘credit history’ that represents creditworthiness??  

A loud thought as a solution – Maybe government machinery along with HR associations could identify and link Aadhaar card or UID numbers with the resumes on major job portals!! The real USP is it will incentivize recruiters to record if the candidate has rejected or accepted the offer made, and if the candidate honored the acceptance and showed up on the joining date

Would be happy to hear your experiences (good, bad, ugly) and innovative ways to arrest this nightmare to make this dream a reality! 


Sunday, 17 April 2016

The spirit of being a Facilitator...................

Experience sharing with the participants:
1. Mind of a Facilitator (Thinking)
2. Heart of Co-creation (Feelings)
3. Body of a leader (Action)

The Facilitators greatest contribution is to provide structure so that participants can focus on making the best decisions possible.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Boss's chair............


I have come across few instances (not in my current organization) where the most important item in an office is invariably the BOSS’s chair. So why it is that the Chair is so important? The answer may vary from chair to chair, however if you contemplate on this “chair”, it is just a furniture provided by the organization to its employees, to enable them to do their job.

So why can’t the employees use this asset if it helps them perform their job better?

Share your thoughts / experiences on the captioned subject and the best response would get a chance to interact with me followed by lunch……………

“Share your Chair and witness the difference”

So, get set and po………………….



Saturday, 2 April 2016

Performance Appraisals – It’s more like a GPS system!!!

Friends, Once again, it’s the annual Performance Appraisal time! Am are Enthused! Confused? Eager? Want to avoid & run?

Is your response based on the thought is “PMS (Performance Management System) a necessary evil” or “PMS an enabler”

Do your team members, given a choice, between a root canal and a performance evaluation, opt for later or do they look forward to the former?

Perhaps, this depends on how you manage the appraisals? How do you prepare yourself for the appraisals? How do you handle difficult people and conflict situations? How can you conduct effective appraisal counselling/ mentoring?

Performance Appraisals is more like a GPS system - collect data from multiple satellites (raters), predict your location (current rating) and provide you directions (Learning & Development Plan).

The effectiveness of any performance management measure is based on how well a rating can predict an outcome, and how reliable is the source of that rating. While no one person’s opinion is in itself necessarily predictive, the aggregate average of several raters on multiple metrics really does provide a very accurate gauge of the skills of a manager.

I am pondering on:

1.    How to have better conversations with employees, suggesting an empowering… rather than merely evaluative end in mind…

2.    Can Performance reviews be fun?

3.    Is PMS (Performance Management System) really necessary or is it my job or is it the HR’s function?

4.    Do Managers take ownership for the appraisals of their team members?

5.    How PMS (Performance Management System) helps you in your self development and your team for superior performance?

6.    How PMS can develop non-performers?

Looking forward to your experience and sharing your best practices.................

Friday, 1 April 2016

Speaker on the topic SHRM...........

Anjuman-I-Islam, Mumbai was founded in the year 1874 
Speaker for the 8th National Conference on SHRM