Monday, 25 April 2016

Have you applied Brakes?

What sort of question is this? Brakes are meant to apply while driving…………to avoid hitting someone or stop the vehicle. In corporate life we have this option of applying brakes.

Every single day you are running around in the corporate life without brake or break. Sit in a corner and think for yourself when was the last time you asked yourself the question “where am I going”? Most of us are going ……….but going where?

We are so immersed in the mad rat race that we fail to apply brakes at the right moment. Let me give an example: most organizations / teams spend considerable amount of time, money, energy, mind power, etc in defining annual plans / strategic vision / objectives, etc. However, during the daily chore of execution most of the organizations / teams miss out the option of applying brakes to take mid course corrections. How many teams or organizations run something which is similar to pitstops for formula races?

Its high time we know that we have brakes to apply and use it at the right time. Without applying brakes you cannot stop and get down where you want to go from where you are currently in.

Shyam Iyer