Saturday, 30 April 2016

Investment to beat inflation............

COLA – Cost of Living allowance plays an important part while arriving at your yearend increments. This is not the only factor but one of the most important factor which is referred by most.

In times of VUCA world how do we beat inflation? By changing jobs? Asking for double digits increments? By gunning for a promotion or moving into bosses chair? Maybe increase in the take home money would bail you from inflation for a short term but may not always sustain in the long term.

So what’s the best way to beat inflation? We have financial advisors and experts who will give you loads of advice on investment from the financial perspective so I am going to skip that part and talk about something more important.

According to me the best way to beat inflation is to invest in “yourself”. Yes, you read it correctly. Simple, yet many times we ignore or tend to postpone. We may spend big bucks for our grooming and dressing but when it comes to investing our grey matter we either look upon our company for nominating / sponsorship or don’t pay much attention towards it. It may be true to some while we may have someone who periodically invests from his own pockets. Look at the success and growth rate of those who periodically invests on their own and vice versa.

Another tip I would like to share from my experience is start treating right away any new skills or knowledge that you acquire – treat it like a "promotion". You would be pleasantly surprised that with this attitude you would be getting multiple promotions on a daily basis. Enjoy and celebrate the promotions as if you celebrate your birthdays………………see the change and transformation within you!!

I got promoted today when was your last promotion? Would love to hear from you about your promotion stories ………………