Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Recruiter’s and Hiring Managers nightmare.....


Imagine how the Corporate world would look if you knew the probability of joining, of the candidate you are desperately looking to hire! When you don’t have to keep praying till the candidate shows up on the joining date, when you would upfront know how many offers this candidate has not honored so far in his career!

This will reduce and arrest candidates who agree to join and later don’t honor the offer. Can the HR community delve upon and build a reputation system for the job seekers eg number of offers honored, etc like a ‘credit history’ that represents creditworthiness??  

A loud thought as a solution – Maybe government machinery along with HR associations could identify and link Aadhaar card or UID numbers with the resumes on major job portals!! The real USP is it will incentivize recruiters to record if the candidate has rejected or accepted the offer made, and if the candidate honored the acceptance and showed up on the joining date

Would be happy to hear your experiences (good, bad, ugly) and innovative ways to arrest this nightmare to make this dream a reality!