Monday, 23 May 2016

Mentoring the Facilitators at IAF Practice Events..........

Happy to be part of this global community and serve the professional cause of promoting and developing professional facilitators in India.............

Friday, 20 May 2016

Happy Moments...........

Entrepreneur Excel award to Trainer Zeenat , founder of INEX consultants 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Feedback - breakfast for champions..............


Happy to share with you the feedback received from one of the participants who had attended my session at ITC Pune:

“ Want to share a success….. used Symbolic Charade for assessment in a college. It was much appreciated by the exam incharge for bringing out orginiality in thinking, while keeping up breast with the course objectives.

Many many thanks for introducing me to it.

Regards, Anuradha “ 

As a facilitative trainer such feedbacks are really motivating and encouraging. Thanks to Anuradha for experimenting the process and discovering the positive outcomes from the same.

In my previous posts i have posted about Symbolic charade if you are interested and keen to learn. 

To know more about Facilitation strongly recommend you to join the community of International Association of Facilitators,,


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Transformation journey............


Dr. Kiran Bedi took charge as IG Prisons of Tihar Jail on 1st May 1993. 

Since, today is 1st May 2016 thought of reflecting about the journey of a one woman (read Dr Kiran Bedi) who transformed the jail with her inspirational leadership. Her biggest motivator and driver was her inspiring vision to transform Tihar Jail into Tihar Aashram.

As and OD and change management professional I can see multiple learnings from the transformation and journey of Tihar Jail. 

If you compare the challenges that she faced vs what we face in the corporate world which one is more daunting? 

Finally, it reinforces my belief that you just need “One” person (whether male or female immaterial) to bring about a Change! 

The bigger question is Are you the One?