Monday, 5 December 2016

The "Elephant in the room" - a metaphor for an obvious problem or risk people are uncomfortable addressing.

Making an Elephant Dance

Organisations evolve over the years and become successful. With success, it slowly accumulates layers of obsolescence – in technology as well as in business processes driving costs high and reducing productivity. 

During this lifecycle of the organization heading quickly towards aristocracy, people as well as leadership develop several blind spots and practically become insensitive to the internal and external customer. 

Employees spend more time resolving internal dynamics and conflicts which then erodes the very culture which helped in the success. The need for change becomes so imperative that, if not acted on time, results into making the products and brands irrelevant to the consumer helping competition.

The challenge really is, therefore, given the size and legacy how do you provide the right stimulus and make change happen at critical inflection points in the organisation’s life cycle and the role of HR as change agents.