Thursday, 23 February 2017

Principles of #Learning and the Choice of Methods

A trainer should always remember that he must work and work harder to keep motivation levels high, on that basis the methods can be ranked as follows:
Motivation                                  Methods
High                                        -    Business Game, Project Assignment
Medium                                   -    Lecture (can be enhanced by making the lecture interesting).
                                                     Group Discussion, Case Study
Low                                         -    Reading Assignment

Active Involvement
Management cannot be taught it can only be learnt and learning takes place better when there is active participation in the process, deeper the involvement higher the motivation. Some methods ensure involvement much more than others as shown below: 
Active Involvement                    Methods
High                                        -    Case Study, Business Game, Role Playing, Project Assignment
Medium                                   -    Group Discussion
                                                     Reading Assignment
Low                                         -    Lecture

Individual Approach
Different approaches work better with different people.  Group training programs are normally organised to meet the identified training needs of the group.  It is also necessary to provide opportunity for individual work through compulsory individual assignments like reading, breaking down group assignments for each individual and additional work for the more capable trainees.
Individual Approach                             Methods
High                                        -    Project Assignment
Medium                                   -    Group Discussion, Case Study, Business Game, Role Playing,
                                                     Reading Assignments
Low                                         -    Lecture

Sequencing and Structuring
Sequencing and structuring are needed to provide the impact and consequent results from training.  Lecture method is the best for sequencing and structuring.  The ranks of other methods are:
Sequencing & Structuring        Methods
High                                        -    Reading Assignment
Medium                                   -    Case Study, Business Game, Project Assignment
Low                                         -    Group Discussion, Role Playing

Feedback is crucial in a training program.  It can be on the trainee’s competence, his behaviour, actual learning and his ability to apply what has been learnt.  Some methods provide better feedback than others.
Feedback                   Method                                   Feedback on
High                            Business Game                                    Soundness of decision
                                    Role Playing                            Behavioural pattern
                                    Project Assignment                 Practical usefulness of learning.
Medium                       Group discussion                     Knowledge/Analytical ability
                                    Case Study
Low                             Lecture
                                    Reading Assignment

Training for what?  The test is that one should be able to transfer what one has learnt to live situations.  Different methods rank as follows so far as their effectiveness in transfer process is concerned:
Transfer                                             Methods
High                                        -           Project Assignment
Medium                                   -           Case Study, Business Game, Role Playing

Low                                         -           Lecture, Group Discussion, Reading Assignment