Thursday, 16 February 2017

Real Learning..........

Dear Learners,

Have you ever pondered as learners what key expectations are of a learning professional? What does a Real life learning encompass?

Based on the experience and research on learning methods following are my point of views:

·     Learning what matters – Action point is to focus on application oriented learning. Participants should be able to articulate and say “ I understand what’s in it for me”

           Learning driven by self – Action point is to learn at your pace and decide your schedule. Participants should be able to have freedom “ to decide when and how I want to learn”

·     Learning from Peers – Action point is to Collaborate through classroom cohorts. Participants should be able to have on line discussion boards so that “ they learn from peers and experts within and outside the organization”

·     Learning by doing – Action point is to have no power point slides and experiential activity / Case based pedagogy. Participants should say “if you tell me, I forget. If you involve me, I learn”
The above points are how adults like to learn. Weave in your program design the above elements and simulate it in 70:20:10 program flow to get the best results.

Happy Learning!