Friday, 17 March 2017

Empathy Map

  • An Employee Empathy Map is a powerful process that can be utilised in several ways. It can help organizations to learn to get into the hearts and minds of employees to engage them to the company and it can be utilized to as a tool for providing deeper insight into how employees can engage with the customer and the customer journey.
  • You will dramatically increase your emotional intelligence about employees when you use an employee empathy map. This tool is meant to be collaborative. It is also intended to be strengths based in it's approach to leverage the best of what is. An employee empathy map can be used to represent different groups, departments or senior executives of your organization.
  • We all have come to know that 90% of the employee experience is based on emotions. Therefore, an empathy map targets the emotional sensors of employees so you are able to increase your emotional intelligence about employees. You learn more about their emotions and build more self awareness as an organization. This empathy map contains a problem statement, actions to take, action owners and six sections: Think & Feel, See, Say & Do, Hear, Pain and Gain
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