Sunday, 26 March 2017

Employee Experience.........First Impressions

Ever wondered as an organization who are your touch points when it comes to CXO and EXO experience? Are these touch points even aware about the experience they are consciously or subconsciously displaying? CXO stands for Customer Experience and EXO stands for Employee Experience.

Let me share my perspectives of who are the employees who create the “First Impressions” for the Employee experience. The employee could be your potential hire or the existing employee. While companies today are spending so much money and effort in defining their employer value proposition [EVP], employer branding activities, recruitment experience etc. But, it all fails at the moment of truth, when the prospect is making first point of contact in your company.

The first point of contact could be either your receptionist, your security, the recruiter or simply even your website [career portal], recruitment email id, etc.
Most of the times the lack of empathy to the job or the people visiting may be due to the fact that the so called receptionists, security, recruiter etc don’t receive the respect in return. They are not made to believe of how important they are.

These are the gatekeepers, the client greeters and situation diffusers and they leave a lasting impression. For example: employees see the receptionist the first in the day as they walk in and the last in the evening as they walk out of office. In lots of ways, this person can enhance someone’s day at work just by being genuinely cheerful. And they can make a difference.

Do spend formal training and dialogue with your touch points to create that memorable experience for employees.

Do give them the confidence, respect and the mandate to create that first impression ……….