Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means...

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Handling conflict in teams...

Monday, 26 June 2017

Are leaders born or can they be developed?

The answer is yes and yes. Our view is that leadership is a blend of nature and nurture.

We understand nature as your personality, preferences, values and motivations. These are fixed from an early age.

By nurture, we mean the technical skills you have acquired, your managerial know – how and behaviours. These can be developed and changed over time.
The most accurate way to identify leaders is to explore these preferences, skills and behaviours.

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Give Purpose to your team and not incentives...

If you ever read the book ‘Pink’ by author Dan Pink, you will realize that giving targets (incentives) makes people less creative and more self-centered. They work more for themselves rather than for the company.

Interestingly science has provided proof that when people are offered incentives to do a certain thing they are less productive. Because scientifically it is proven that when reward comes into play, people subconsciously tend to use more of their left-brain rather than right brain (more creative). What this means is left brain is dominant when a certain task has to be done mechanically rather than creatively. Well apart from Data Entry, there is no other task that does not require creative thinking to excel.

When there is no incentives and when the right brain takes over, as per science, the person intrinsically develops a purpose for doing a particular task and hence is more engaged, concerned and sincerely bothered about achieving the results to help their task contribute to a larger goal.

Try out this approach not because to save money, but because if you want to build a strong engaged and committed team. Give your teams a purpose rather than incentives and you will have a great performing team! Have an holistic approach when it comes to incentives and targets. Don't put all your eggs on one approach.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to tell a story...

We’re constantly looking for good stories to tell, or to make good stories sound even better. You could be a parent at your child’s bedside, a school teacher faced with a sea of blank faces, a speaker at a conference or just a regular person looking to regale a mehfil with some entertaining gup and shup.

You can explore your potential to hold your audience in thrall with your narratorial skills even if you have no background in theatre or literature.

Sharing a CRAFT formula as a tip, framework to tell your stories.

Every story needs a character. Our characters not only have names but we have to describe them physically, their emotional state and describe their social status

How characters relate to each other is just the beginning. Relationships are driven by what individuals want from each other, by their point of view and by their motivation. What is a character’s perspective? What does he/she want? What is important to them?

When we tell a story, we create and construct anticipation we want our audience to feel compelled to know what will happen next.

The way we connect with our audience, is to get our audience to feel an emotion. We emphasize and connect with others who share strong emotions and we relate to emotional changes.

Take Away
The take away is the moral of the story. What does our audience know now, that they didn’t know before?

Happy Story telling!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How To Avoid Workplace Conflicts?

Success depends not only on how competent your people are but also on how well they work together. However, formal education doesn’t always equip us with the appropriate skills to work well with others. Recognising this gap, you can have workshops to help employees manage interpersonal conflict and improve relationships using MBTI. 

Following a workshop format, employees explore how to communicate more effectively based on different personality types, have a better understanding of each other’s personal styles within teams, learn how to identify conflict and how to manage conflict before it escalates. This helps strengthen relationships by enabling individuals and teams to deploy their strengths more productively. 

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How to make ordinary review meetings into rocking review meetings...

Monday, 19 June 2017

Programming for Success...using your subconscious mind

Had a one day interactive workshop on "Awaken the Genie within" using your subconscious mind...

Life happens - by design or default. This workshop taught the participants the simple easy to use tools, techniques to create the life they truly desire, one that is worthy to live.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Who is controlling your Mind?

I was reading one medical research journal which says that an average built up human body consists of about fifty trillion cells and Eighty six billion neurons. Every cell consists of an intelligence system tucked into it. What an amazing manufacturing unit this body is! 

We are all moving around with a wonderful gadget which consists of our body and mind.  This combination has a power to create a million victories for us. Unfortunately out of the 7.5 billion human beings on this planet a huge majority does not even realize that they own this source of gigantic potential. The onus is on us to harness this power and reap the benefits. 

Results are guaranteed if you program your mind for success using your subconscious mind. Think about who is controlling your mind?
Would you like to be slave of your mind or master your mind?

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Weaving a Business Identity – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond…

Dear Friends,

I am delivering a Leadership talk as part of knowledge workshops for SMEs on 3rd June 2017, at BKC, Mumbai. 

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Looking forward to your participation in the event.