Monday, 26 June 2017

Give Purpose to your team and not incentives...

If you ever read the book ‘Pink’ by author Dan Pink, you will realize that giving targets (incentives) makes people less creative and more self-centered. They work more for themselves rather than for the company.

Interestingly science has provided proof that when people are offered incentives to do a certain thing they are less productive. Because scientifically it is proven that when reward comes into play, people subconsciously tend to use more of their left-brain rather than right brain (more creative). What this means is left brain is dominant when a certain task has to be done mechanically rather than creatively. Well apart from Data Entry, there is no other task that does not require creative thinking to excel.

When there is no incentives and when the right brain takes over, as per science, the person intrinsically develops a purpose for doing a particular task and hence is more engaged, concerned and sincerely bothered about achieving the results to help their task contribute to a larger goal.

Try out this approach not because to save money, but because if you want to build a strong engaged and committed team. Give your teams a purpose rather than incentives and you will have a great performing team! Have an holistic approach when it comes to incentives and targets. Don't put all your eggs on one approach.

Check out and see for yourself the magic…