Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to tell a story...

We’re constantly looking for good stories to tell, or to make good stories sound even better. You could be a parent at your child’s bedside, a school teacher faced with a sea of blank faces, a speaker at a conference or just a regular person looking to regale a mehfil with some entertaining gup and shup.

You can explore your potential to hold your audience in thrall with your narratorial skills even if you have no background in theatre or literature.

Sharing a CRAFT formula as a tip, framework to tell your stories.

Every story needs a character. Our characters not only have names but we have to describe them physically, their emotional state and describe their social status

How characters relate to each other is just the beginning. Relationships are driven by what individuals want from each other, by their point of view and by their motivation. What is a character’s perspective? What does he/she want? What is important to them?

When we tell a story, we create and construct anticipation we want our audience to feel compelled to know what will happen next.

The way we connect with our audience, is to get our audience to feel an emotion. We emphasize and connect with others who share strong emotions and we relate to emotional changes.

Take Away
The take away is the moral of the story. What does our audience know now, that they didn’t know before?

Happy Story telling!