Monday, 3 July 2017

Three Military Lessons For Every Corporate Leader...

Before every sortie, a fighter pilot of Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter plane relies and trusts his technical ground team to have done the necessary checks and maintenance ensuring the readiness of the flying machine; his life is in hands of his team and a small mistake on the team’s part can cause a big mishap. A captain of a naval ship trusts his technical team to have done the necessary preparation for the technical work-ability of the ship before the impending voyage. An army officer in war situation knows that his team will follow the orders given in the true letter and spirit.
Do you know that in all the three similar scenarios, the trust on each other is reflected? Do you know why the team members go beyond the call of duty while following their leader’s orders and ensure that the organizational goal is achieved? How these military leaders have been able to win the hearts and minds of their team, thereby, achieving unflinching commitment and selfless dedication and devotion from their team? Do these military skills have any business value also?
Like Military, Corporate environment too has dynamic challenges, mostly in uncertain circumstances, and demands team to work in a cohesive manner to achieve the result. Leader plays a pivotal role in channelizing the team’s effort in the right direction and hence, both in military and in corporate, it is imperative that the team must be united, has confidence in the abilities of it’s leaders and works towards the organizational aim with total commitment. The practices adopted by military leaders, with great success, in gaining trust and confidence of team have valuable and meaningful learning that can be adopted in business world for driving success in business in terms of positive work environment, high morale and motivation of team, improved team spirit, increased productivity, and higher retention rate. Not only the HR professionals must know these business skills of military leaders but also every corporate leader has a lot to gain from them.
The three lessons we can learn are as follows:
·         Lead By Example; Take Responsibility
·         Know Your Team Members Individually; Reach Out To Them In Their Problems
Crisis Management; Steer To Success