Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dr. D's recipe for success...

Had a great opportunity to meet Mr. Prem Ganapathy who is the owner of Dosa Plaza. His story is an inspiring story from rags to riches.

A class X passout with no particular skill set started his career by washing dishes at a Mahim Bakery for a salary of Rs. 150 per month. 

He dreamt of having an outlet in a mall and today he has created an Rs 100 crore+ empire with more than 50+ outlets serving nearly 105 varieties of Dosa. 

He started his entrepreneurial dream at the age of 19 years with a seed capital of Rs. 1000.

This is a classic example of how despite all odds and challenges one can still embrace success if one is determined, focussed and willing to take massive actions. Once you condition your subconscious mind with clarity then the whole universe conspires to get you to your dreams.

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