Friday, 29 September 2017

Celebrate the victory of good over evil...

Fears kill more dreams than failures...

Mind Power Unlimited...

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to eliminate your dis-empowering beliefs...and live life of your dreams!

How would you feel if you found out that you were sabotaging your own success and preventing yourself from reaching your financial goals?

Would you feel shocked? Disappointed? Upset by all of the opportunities that have passed you by unnoticed? This happens more often than you would ever believe...

Many people are subconsciously held back by their own limiting beliefs and negativity about money and success. They go through life not recognizing great opportunities, even when they are right in front of them.

But believe it or not, YOU have the power to surpass these roadblocks by uncovering the limitations that are holding you back from your goals.

I'd like to share an opportunity with you, and I guarantee, you don't want to let this slip away...

Whether you've been stuck in the same routine for years, or you'd like to have more money, less stress, and more freedom to be able to do what you want, this powerful two days workshop will show you how to create a more abundant, stress-free financial future, faster than you ever thought possible.

Come join me on 14th and 15th Oct for a two days "Awaken the Genie Within" transformation workshop at Hotel Satkar Grande, Thane.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Are you in control of your mind?

Either you control your Mind


your Mind will control you

Great Successful leaders understood that to accomplish great results, a different winning attitude is required. 

During this 2 days workshop you will get to learn and develop new Mind-set, Skill-set and Tool- setto unleash your hidden potential.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

What differentiates organization?


The short answer is Culture. But which type is right for your organization? Is there one right culture for every organization? What is your cultural preference? Is your culture positive or negative? What is your team's culture?

Is there a linkage between Business Strategy and HR using cultural capabilities?

Ask the leadership team the following questions:

1. What kind of a culture do we need to have to win in the market place?

2. What mindset and behaviours do we need to have more of in the future than we have had in the past?

3. What should be the look and feel of the human side of our organization?

What is your culture? Ask your team members...

1. What words would they use to describe their organization?

2. How are decisions made?

3. How do they measure their goals? Is their goal's linked with their organizational goals?

4. What gets appreciated?

5. What does the environment look like?

6. How is leadership involved in people development?

The above answers could be arrived at using various facilitation processes.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Door to Analytics...


As an HR professional, do you feel perplexed about how to get insights from the huge amount of data we record and control?
  • Don’t you wish the impact of learning materializes into Post Intervention Actions for your Employees?
  • Don’t you wish to improve the ability to make decisions yields Higher Returns?

If your answer to these questions are affirmative (even somewhat), your mind has already started to work!!!

Every time employees interact with the HR in any organizations - whether attending training sessions, uploading profiles on job portals, or any assessment survey that they are required to fill - they leave behind some traces of data. The question for most organizations and HR leaders is What should be done with the huge amount of data? Data Analytics, an emerging field, may be the answer.  
Data Analytics involves gathering insights from large volume of data from individuals and their functional activities, analysing the data and disseminating the results in ways that are easy and interesting to understand and act on.
The field of data analytics has seen a huge shift from the early days of KMS (Knowledge Management System) maintaining a ‘flat file’ of people, whose names are merely captured in various training records, attrition records etc.
The mindset has changed, where in the past, the trend was working with lag indicators to justify the hindsight’s, to now where organizations are actually using lead indicators & predictive models to make business critical decisions with foresights. The criticality of the field is increasing as more and more people are moving beyond trainer-led classes, workbooks and CDs and shifting towards online courses, Google Class Rooms, Podcasts, and Social Platforms through a more blended learning experience.  
How does Data Analytics create better Interventions?
Research suggests that any intervention which is backed by solid analysis can lead to better outcomes – for instance, data driven companies are more productive and profitable than their competitors. So, let’s see some of the ways to leverage on Data Analytics to create better interventions:
·    Making more Accurate Predictions: Advanced technology and model driven techniques are allowing HR leaders to make reasonably accurate predictions about the learner’s future. There are huge data points spread across organizations which can be used to make predictions. Some of these include demographics, course completion status, number of hours spent on learning activities, feedback around ongoing programs, scores/test results, skill levels, performance reviews, time on system, data around clicks and browsing et al. The ability to accurately predict future outcomes using multiple data points can be of significant strategic value to multiple stakeholders. Using this information in designing the OD interventions will result in more calculated, confident and relevant programs.
  • Maximize the Business Performance for the Future: By leveraging the information obtained through Data Analytics, HR leaders can determine:
  1. What Kind of People are likely to take up Leadership Roles in Organization
  2. What kind of People are likely to leave the Organization
  3. Which Costs can be trimmed without jeopardizing the Quality of the Training Program
  4. Which Partners or vendors are providing the most value to the Organization
  5. Likelihood of Risk Occurring in the future & impacting the Business Outcome  
Every organization has specific needs and it is important to assess culture and readiness before deploying any data analytics practices. It is also important that an organization prepare with the requisite policies, procedures, and skills needed to use predictive learning analytics tools to create the most relevant and enriching interventions for their audiences.
Recently, we conducted an intervention on “Door to Analytics” to awaken insights through Analytics for Top Leadership Team of 30 Professionals of Leading Multi-National Shipping Company at Alibaug using process facilitation tools.
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Snippets of our two days intervention using process facilitation tools

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to create a space for employees to express their #anger at #workplace...

A recent study was conducted by The American College of Dubai to find out effect, if any, on the behaviour of employees in relation to the number of years they have worked in an organisation. The study was conducted on 798 employees in Mumbai. The results were pretty shocking. Depression was felt highest by employees who had served 8-10 years and 10 -15 years in an organisation.

Anger was highest in 10-15 years group and anxiety was highest in 1-2,4-6 ,6-8 and 10-15 years group and lowest in the first year.

The study also found that as years get added, commitment level increases but motivation level decreases. How can Organisations increase motivation level in their senior employees?

How can they create a space where employees can express?

This is where Creative Arts like Drama, Dance, Arts give space to express repressed emotions. When people are given permission to express all manner of emotions in a light-hearted and fun way it brings about profound healing thus increasing the motivational level in individuals.

There is a strong link between body and mind and Creative arts connects the two. Individuals do not need to know any form of Arts, a creative facilitator creates a safe learning environment with the help of creative arts exercises and can drive any learning's like effective Emphatic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management.

It brings out creative collaboration and as important as the end product, in that it gives opportunity for deep sharing, empathy and for sparking collective creativity which in today’s times are important factors for an organisation’s positive growth.

Creative Arts is no longer just a medium of entertainment, if used correctly can impact learning in the most effective, experiential and fun way.

For Change begins with self and then spreads to the people which in turn changes communities and organisations.

We have certified creative facilitator who has been working with organizations who are facing this sort of dilemmas along with Employee Engagement challenges. We would be happy to partner with you if you are facing a similar challenge at your workplace and present you with our success stories and approach note.

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Snippet from our workshop...using Creative Facilitation

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Transforming Mindsets for success...

Awaken the Genie within workshop for the employees at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

What People can do is amazing but
What People Actually do is disappointing

Attend our Awaken the Genie Within workshop to discover how to be your own genie and make your every wish come the power of your Subconscious mind

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Friday, 15 September 2017


India has moved away from rote learning. Gone are the days of Frontal or coverage centred teaching where the faculty just stands in front of students to download the content to complete the curriculum. Education is no longer defined in terms of what a faculty will teach but rather in terms of what a student will be able to apply. FACULTY is now to be a “guide on the side” instead of a “sage on the stage”.

We were privileged to empower 130 BMC teachers to become Facili-Teachers.

Using the principles of August Boal’s Theatre of Oppressed ,we could give them tools to handle this shift smoothly and efficiently. The session took them through a journey of Self Learning's ,Importance of sharing ,Trusting Teams, Adapting Change  thus making them more empathetic to the new learning and Teaching paradigm shift. 

Teachers are the pillars of our Society, so on this Teachers Day we at 60 Bits did our bit to make the foundation of these pillars a little bit stronger. For a change begins with self which then spreads to students, organisation ,community and country.

If you would like your faculty / teachers to undergo this workshop do connect with us at


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Formula for Managing #Change...


Is there an formula to manage Change? How to address and manage the emotions of people during Change? Why most of the times despite having the best Strategy for Change the results on the ground are different? When you google for the topic "Change" and manage the Change Management you get many theories and frameworks established by Management Guru's.

What's missing the action or one needs to read between the lines in these frameworks are it all starts with People and ends with People. How are you setting up your people for Success? How are you getting the buy in from the people by co-creating and having a shared vision? How do you manage the emotions at workplace and address them in an empathetic way?

The simplest way to manage Change is to "Invest in the intangibles than the tangibles". You will be surprised of the outcome and results.

Want to know more about how and what you can reach out to me at

If you have a story to share of the success or failure on Change please do share.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What gets Measured gets actioned and delivers results...

Goal Setting workshop using Facilitation for the Marketing team of India's Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Colour and Additive Plastics Masterbatches 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Nurturing HR within organizations...

Friday, 8 September 2017

Happy Employees need a proposition : Manager is the Key!


"People join organizations but leave due to Managers"

you must have read the above statement and probably experienced it too. I have experienced this as a starting trigger for some one looking out for a job during the exit interviews.

Have you ever wondered the challenges and limitations in the existing current frameworks or formats that most HR professionals use:

  • Employee Satisfaction surveys don't measure Manager Connect Ability
  • 360 degree format inadequate to gauge the managers ability to motivate and retain team members
  • No real time survey format available which will enable employees to share their feelings about their managers on a regular basis
  • No framework available which will measure as well as check the action planning post surveys
  • No dashboard available for CXO to measure the performances across organizations
Do share your views on the above keeping in context with todays workforce and VUCA world.