Friday, 15 September 2017


India has moved away from rote learning. Gone are the days of Frontal or coverage centred teaching where the faculty just stands in front of students to download the content to complete the curriculum. Education is no longer defined in terms of what a faculty will teach but rather in terms of what a student will be able to apply. FACULTY is now to be a “guide on the side” instead of a “sage on the stage”.

We were privileged to empower 130 BMC teachers to become Facili-Teachers.

Using the principles of August Boal’s Theatre of Oppressed ,we could give them tools to handle this shift smoothly and efficiently. The session took them through a journey of Self Learning's ,Importance of sharing ,Trusting Teams, Adapting Change  thus making them more empathetic to the new learning and Teaching paradigm shift. 

Teachers are the pillars of our Society, so on this Teachers Day we at 60 Bits did our bit to make the foundation of these pillars a little bit stronger. For a change begins with self which then spreads to students, organisation ,community and country.

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