Friday, 8 September 2017

Happy Employees need a proposition : Manager is the Key!


"People join organizations but leave due to Managers"

you must have read the above statement and probably experienced it too. I have experienced this as a starting trigger for some one looking out for a job during the exit interviews.

Have you ever wondered the challenges and limitations in the existing current frameworks or formats that most HR professionals use:

  • Employee Satisfaction surveys don't measure Manager Connect Ability
  • 360 degree format inadequate to gauge the managers ability to motivate and retain team members
  • No real time survey format available which will enable employees to share their feelings about their managers on a regular basis
  • No framework available which will measure as well as check the action planning post surveys
  • No dashboard available for CXO to measure the performances across organizations
Do share your views on the above keeping in context with todays workforce and VUCA world.