Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to create a space for employees to express their #anger at #workplace...

A recent study was conducted by The American College of Dubai to find out effect, if any, on the behaviour of employees in relation to the number of years they have worked in an organisation. The study was conducted on 798 employees in Mumbai. The results were pretty shocking. Depression was felt highest by employees who had served 8-10 years and 10 -15 years in an organisation.

Anger was highest in 10-15 years group and anxiety was highest in 1-2,4-6 ,6-8 and 10-15 years group and lowest in the first year.

The study also found that as years get added, commitment level increases but motivation level decreases. How can Organisations increase motivation level in their senior employees?

How can they create a space where employees can express?

This is where Creative Arts like Drama, Dance, Arts give space to express repressed emotions. When people are given permission to express all manner of emotions in a light-hearted and fun way it brings about profound healing thus increasing the motivational level in individuals.

There is a strong link between body and mind and Creative arts connects the two. Individuals do not need to know any form of Arts, a creative facilitator creates a safe learning environment with the help of creative arts exercises and can drive any learning's like effective Emphatic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management.

It brings out creative collaboration and as important as the end product, in that it gives opportunity for deep sharing, empathy and for sparking collective creativity which in today’s times are important factors for an organisation’s positive growth.

Creative Arts is no longer just a medium of entertainment, if used correctly can impact learning in the most effective, experiential and fun way.

For Change begins with self and then spreads to the people which in turn changes communities and organisations.

We have certified creative facilitator who has been working with organizations who are facing this sort of dilemmas along with Employee Engagement challenges. We would be happy to partner with you if you are facing a similar challenge at your workplace and present you with our success stories and approach note.

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Snippet from our workshop...using Creative Facilitation