Thursday, 26 October 2017

21st Century HR Leader...

The role of the HR Leader has undergone a tremendous change in the last few years. On one hand is the growing importance of understanding business and being aligned with it. On the other is the increasing importance of being the driver of culture and a person who enables common thinking and commitment / ownership across the organization especially when changes happen.

To do this, the HR person needs to be able to influence managers across levels in the organization and be able to intervene appropriately in various situations to enable shared commitment and alignment to a common goal / purpose. The outcome of doing this is high performance of the organization and enhanced engagement of people.

The skill to be able to get collective engagement and alignment is what Facilitation is all about. Being facilitative is a different way of interacting with co-workers and viewing a task. According to Webster’s dictionary, “Facilitate”, from the root word “facile”, is to “make easy or easier”. It means functioning with a mindset of serving others, allowing the group and the situation to “be in control”. 

As an HR leader, this emphasis on people skills is powerful. Instead of having to “know”, you need to build the capacity for more people to “be in the know”

Program Delivery Design

The program facilitates learning experientially – creating understanding of each tool and technique by experiencing it in a demonstration; practicing it within the group on relevant topics to build the confidence to deploy the tool / technique; action planning to deploy the learning.

Who is this Program relevant for?

This workshop will be useful for those HR Managers / leaders as well as those managers / leaders who lead teams of managers and need to get the best out of them or those who need to get ownership of teams / leaders for action. Also those who believe that they would be able to put into practice the learning post a workshop. Accordingly, the program would be suitable for the following:
·       Line Managers – those who lead teams of Managers (typically dept / function heads)
·       HR Heads
·       OD Heads
·       L&D Heads