Saturday, 21 October 2017

Bringing out the best in people!


Let me share with you a real-life example when we were working with a Manager whose engagement scores had dipped to a great extent and during the discussion with him and meeting his team members we figured out that the manager’s leadership style was predominantly of telling. He made all the decisions then informed his team to carry them out. The team who were knowledge workers preferred to be consulted and involved in decision making process.

This is where the facilitative approach helps as no single person has all the answers and facilitative approaches can engage everyone.

In the engagement workshop with the manager and his team we discovered that the team were doing their bare minimum to get by as they were simply operating in compliant mode. The whole employee engagement workshop was designed after discussing with the manager that we will be leveraging on the collective wisdom and experience of the team to increase opportunity for contribution. The manager agreed to our suggestion.

We used certain divergence and convergence facilitative processes. Initially, this new approach was met with reservation from the team. But when they realised the true intentions, the team became more participative and forthcoming and even performed beyond the expectations of the manager.

Simply by being engaged, the team mover to operating in commitment mode. And later on by being engaged and acting on the action plans co created jointly the team became supportive of their manager’s plans because they felt consulted and valued.
  •        When was the last time you felt as a team member valued and consulted?
  •    As a Manager do you experience the need to get your team members to participate? How to get the individuals in your team to act like a team towards their common organisational goals?
  •       When was the last time as a leader you saw in action you can save time and money when a diverse group of individuals is engaged and have a common goal?

If you are facing challenges at Engaging People, Empowering Teams and exceeding targets watch out and register for our upcoming two days Experiential and Process driven LEAF [Learning & Engaging Actively Through Facilitation] workshop on 25th & 26th November at Courtyard Marriot, Mumbai.

This is the first Facilitation based workshop of its kind wherein the entire two days will be:
·      Without a power point presentation
·      Participants would be learning by doing
·      Mock facilitation session for practice
· Demonstration of various tools and processes [ convergence and divergence]
·     Free facilitator kit worth INR 5000
·     Participants would be getting for the first time ever a certificate from NSIM [National Skill India Mission] promoted by Govt of India as we are the first company in India to get Facilitation skills certified as the skill required for the 21st Century under the Skill Development Certification.

Watch out for more details coming soon…

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