Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How to become Facilitative HR in an organisation...


Facilitation skills are critical for successfully solving the people as well as business issues. The impact of effective facilitation on resolution of complex people & Business related issues is immense. 
Hence, as a part of preparing for future, HR has to develop these skills for effective implementation of people processes across the company. The importance of professional facilitation is felt in multiple applications like Strategy sessions, Employee Engagement Action Planning Sessions, Performance Management Workshops, Small Group departmental Meetings, Creative Problem Solving meetings, Inductions, Open house, Brainstorming, Review meetings, Conflict resolutions between teams, Ideation / Innovation, Managing Union Negotiations, Trainings, Discussions etc. 

If you want to learn and make your sessions impactful by conceptualizing and executing well designed facilitation processes you should be registering for the below two days workshop.