Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How to tap your most valuable resource - your people?

Facilitation is the art and science of helping teams to be more effective in their work. The tools and processes applied in facilitation encourage teams to use their diverse backgrounds, values, interests and capabilities to make higher quality decisions, increase their productivity and improve their team dynamics.

In short, facilitation enhances the interactions between individuals and teams in order to focus on results.

Think about how much time, money and energy is wasted in conceiving and ineptly conducting various events / interventions / processes at your workplace? Whether it is a planning meeting, a problem solving or process improvement session or a team development workshop. A certified and skilled facilitator can help you achieve much better outcomes.

You can start incorporating facilitation into your business culture. Tap into your greatest resource – your people. You can achieve much better business and people results and develop leadership capacities.

Come and join the two days workshop “LEAF – Learning & Engaging Actively Through Facilitation” on 25th & 26th November 2017 at Courtyard Mariott, Mumbai, wherein you will learn how to incorporate facilitation skills into your organisation’s daily operations.