Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Isn’t it all about #Goal Setting...


Have you ever wondered why only 5% of Leadership drives 95% of Organizational Assets to enable Business Performance? 

Which process in HR is the most critical input to majority of People Processes? got it correct. It’s the PMS [Performance Management System] process which has inputs to Learning & Development, Promotion, Talent Management, Competency Management and Succession Planning.

How robust is your PMS process? How are the organisational, department and individual goals set? What can we do to improve your goal setting process, appraisals and feedback process?

We recently had a great opportunity to cascade the organisational goals of the CEO with his direct reportees at CXO levels.

We at 60 Bits Consulting used facilitative processes and got the alignment of goals for their top team. What we saw post the session was greater transparency and fairness with reference to setting up of goals, collaboration and ownership amongst the top team. The team was set up for high performance and the same would now get further cascaded to their respective depts. and team members.

We are now in mid-year and yet most of the companies we have seen are either not fixed their goals or in the process of doing so. Many HR heads are in the process of strengthening their Performance Management System as part of their top agenda, which is the right thing to do so. Everything starts with the Goal setting process and then it has its cascading effect across.

Would you want to co-create shared goals and objectively measurable goals linked to the Organisational goals? Connect with us at and we will be happy to support you.