Thursday, 19 October 2017

Law of Attraction true stories...


As you may already know, I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction, and trust me, it works. I've seen its impact in my life over and over again.

But even still, many people have asked me if The Secret and Law of Attraction, really work.

In other words, they're asking...

Can it work for me?

Well, here are some Law of Attraction Success Stories so you can see for yourself:

Pravin Pinto
One of my goals was having my own house. After my encounter with mind power in the year 2009 I started visualizing about this house which I always dreamt of and parallelly started searching for properties. I did all of it while have only a few thousand Rupees in my bank account. I finalized a house in the year 2014 and made a down payment. I was really amazed by the help I received from unexpected quarters when I was short of money towards payment of installments. Well to cut a long story short, what you desire will always come true, mine came true too. On 29th of September I received the procession of my house.

Ranjeet Bayas
I had attended Shyam’s workshop with my entire team at Lonavala and we all had manifested the growth for our business. In less than 6 months time we could see our business flourishing and our dreams are coming into reality. Our current office is at Dombivli and now we have opened up new bigger office at prominent location at Mulund and Dubai.

Pradip Pardeshi
I was going thru multiple personal and emotional problems leading to lack of interest and focus on my career. After the coaching session from Mr. Shyam Iyer, I was able to come out of all my problems, past negative emotions and business is multiplied and now I am living my dreams fully.

Darshana Sawant
I overcame my childhood fears and got rid of my negative emotions and thoughts. After attending the workshop, I feel very lighter within and in a happy state, very confident and my productivity at work has increased. Gratitude Shyam sir.

Megha Gandhi
By practicing daily rituals, I am able to control my anger and improve my relationship with my close and loved ones. I am at peace, feel more beautiful and confident at work. Thanks so much Shyam sir.

Chitra Karade
After this workshop by Shyam sir I am able to overcome my biggest childhood fears which was disturbing me personally and professionally. Now I have removed my disempowering beliefs and live a happy balanced life. My performance at work has increased and recognised.

Shobana Pillai
I was undergoing lot of depression post my husband’s demise which led to health issues including unable to sleep at night. After attending Shyam sir’s workshop and following the daily rituals I could overcome my sleep issues immediately, came out of depression and stopped taking all the medicines I used to earlier. I also had public fear of speaking which I could overcome after this workshop.

Manpreet Singh
After taking the coaching session from Shyam, I was able to get rid of my acute back pain which was not curing despite physiotherapy and medicines. Now I am healthy and manifesting bigger goals.

Do you feel empowered by these stories? The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. In fact, it's working in your life at this very moment.

In order for you to unleash the full power of the Law, you need get into the state of "flow" that happens when you activate it.

That's why I put together a program that uncovers the exact subconscious motivations and automatic strategies that I, myself, and countless others use — without even realizing it — that enables us to manifest our dreams.

It's called, “Awaken the Genie Within”. The second batch is coming up in December. Stay tuned for the dates and venue which will be announced soon.

It’s time to unleash the power of your mind and don’t put your dreams on hold any longer.

To your success,