Thursday, 16 November 2017

Asking the right questions...using a #facilitative process...


We were recently invited by a MNC for a Change Management intervention and as part of the diagnosis with the stakeholders during FGD we used the following questions in a facilitative process:
  •     When you reflect on your experiences in your company, what in your judgment are the main changes that have happened here which most deeply affected people’s work life and home life?
  •       In general, do you feel hopeful or despondent about all these changes?
  •      From what you can see when you observe people at work, what kinds of folks tend to do best during a period of rapid change? What kinds of folks do poorly?
  •    Things in this world will always keep changing. What’s the best way you have found to introduce a change so that it doesn’t devastate the people who work for you?

These questions opened up so much data and helped us arrive at the problem statement and design the intervention successfully.

The facilitative processes that we used were ORID, Focussed Conversation Method with few more processes.

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