Saturday, 11 November 2017

Opening Discussion for "#Coaching" session


I was facilitating a session for the Managers to become a Coach for their team to develop people for superior performance. This was part of two days workshop on Good to Great Managerial Effectiveness workshop.

After the Check in process the opening for “Coaching” discussion was used in the below way:

Please say “hello” to the other team members of your team. Then take ten minutes to discuss the following questions, taking some notes as you speak to each other. Elect a spokesperson who can report back to the rest of the class the gist of your discussion:

1.   How often do you find yourself coaching one of your team members? What kinds of skills do you coach them in?
2.    How do you determine when you should invest your time into coaching a team member, rather than sending them to a formal course or some other kind of training intervention?
3.      What’s your experience so far in coaching people? Give me some typical scenarios of work situations where good coaching skills would really help you to do your job better.

The above points from the group helped the session to be effective and was lead in a facilitative way using the frame game process at the beginning.

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