Thursday, 9 November 2017


A successful organization may be described as a ‘team of teams’. The success of any organization depends on the success of each team and the team’s ability to co-operate and support each other. Team building culture exists in a company when every person in every team:
·       - Is capable (has the necessary competencies and knowledge)
·       - Is willing to cooperate and give his best as a person and as a team member
·       - Is free to take responsibilities and initiative
We all know what the team is......It’s a group of individuals brought together, work together for the purpose of reaching a common goal. How incredible easy.....right... but building a great team that works together and achieves peak performance consistently can be a difficult task. Handling conflicting personalities, keeping everyone motivated, help them succeed individually and achieving the specific goals..... Is an ART.

Objective:  The session enabled the participants to:
·       Learn stages of team formation in a fun and experiential way through card game

·   Develop and maintain ‘Teamship’ and create winning teams’ – rather than just working groups