Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Open Organization...


Every leader talks of wanting an open organisation. But its tough having employees question every decision you make.

As a leader, it challenges your ego - it is not fun to have people question, question and question every decision you make. So why do it?

The simple answer is because it leads to better decisions, better engagement, better execution and ultimately better results.

The million dollar question is how to have a healthy conversation by keeping aside the ego where both sides are heard and its not arguement?

How can leaders proactively invite feedback and thank those who give you constructive or negative feedback? As a leader if you react defensively, you are unlikely to get it again.

As a leader how can you spark the organisation to action?

The answer is finding the right balance using Facilitation. When decisions are handed down from above, a lack of commitment and follow through often result. That's why using facilitation skills you can co create the shared understanding and strive for change management to happen during the decision process not during execution. The focus is bringing on ownership in the changes needed by involving people in the decision making process.

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