Monday, 22 January 2018

The Core of are you doing?

Dear Friends,

Feedback is a leader’s life-support system, but the higher up you go in an organization, the less likely you are to receive straight feedback.

How you respond to feedback determines how willing people will be to give it to you. It also influences how the people on your team respond to the feedback you give to them.

When you receive feedback:
·       Acknowledge it
·       Thank the person who gave it to you
·       Balance the feedback with the “Bigger picture”
o   Consider the source, your own values, and other feedback you have received
o   Look for patterns to the feedback you have been getting. If you see a pattern, consider the action to take
o   As a leader, you may have access to more information than the person giving the feedback, or you may have a different point of view

In my experience I have witnessed so many leaders have serious blind spots they never come to grips with because no one knows how to give them feedback. People are too fearful of rupturing a relationship or having their personal future compromised by taking on their boss.

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