Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Celebration of Woman Hood using Creative Arts...

March draws attention to our woman employees. For one particular day we want to pamper them and make them feel good with materialistic things. Corporates spend a huge amount doing this every year, but every year it's the same story. It's just the feeling nice or aha for that particular day. 

This year why can't we be different? Give our woman employees an experience that they will cherish, give them tools that will not only make them happy for that day, but they will learn to find their inner strength and happiness always. 

Mystical ME” is one such experiential session using creative process Facilitation. It is not a session per se but a celebration of womanhood. 

We have conducted “Mystical ME” sessions as part of women's day program in one of the large organizations of India, and that has helped them achieve the award of Best place for women employees and it is still regarded as a best practice for Diversity and inclusion. 

Mystical ME” is a good leadership and management development module for women employees. 

Come let's do something different this year. Let's make women really appreciate themselves.

BE A PART OF THIS MOVEMENT… Be the change... Lead the change… 

For more information on “Mystical ME”, you can write to or call at +91 9223268309