Monday, 19 February 2018

How do you actually gate crash...


Last month got an opportunity to interact with an entrepreneur who has built a very successful business into digital and media. They started off 7 years ago and today with 65+ employees aiming for more than 100+ crore business target by 2020. We were invited to present our approach note to help the CEO and the leadership team in view of scaling their Business Operations.

As part of the social contracting to understand the scoping better we offered them the diagnostic by meeting their top leadership team and presented to them our integral view of the diagnosis using Ken Wilber’s model.

On 11th Feb 18 we were facilitating a one day learning event for IAF (International Association of Facilitators) at Pune and most of the participants towards the end were wanting to know “How do you actually gate crash!”. The sensing related questions we asked few of them are given below for your learning and were presented to the CEO in a facilitated manner.

Guess what, we bagged the consulting project and signed off for one- year contract. We would be happy to learn from your experience what worked well for you.

Sensing Interview Questions

·       What roles do you ordinarily play in the office?
·       What are you trying to get done in your job right now?
·       What personal and professional goals are you meeting at work?
The job
·       What are the positive / negative aspects of your job?
·       What parts of the job have the most personal meaning for you?
·       What contributes to your effectiveness on the job?
·       What factors here hinder your performance?
Interpersonal Relations
·       How would you characterise your relationship with your boss?
·       Under what circumstances do your subordinates work best?
·       What are the major problems facing your work team right now?
·       How are decisions made in your team?
·       What changes do you believe your boss needs to make right now?
·       What should be changed by your work team right now?
·       What changes should you be making right now?
Here and now
·       What feeling do you have about this interview?
·       How do you feel about this project?

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Happy Learning!