Monday, 26 March 2018

Success Story # Driving Culture of Process Excellence to produce repeatable business outcomes


Sharing with you our recent success story in the HR & OD Consulting project with our client. Immense amount of learning and unlearning for us.

Isn’t Driving Culture of Process Excellence to produce Repeatable Business Outcomes - The Need for Today’s Organizations?

While most Organizations set up Processes to measure performance of functions based on present Business Needs, 60% of Organization don’t build in it, the robustness to meet the needs of Future Business Requirements? The Organization in this case study decided to leverage on Creation of Functional Process Flow closely integrated with Business Flows to drive Business Outcomes. The Outcome was Job Aid which re-define defining Roles based on Business Needs & Not Based on Persona of the incumbent holding the role.

Business Context & Need
The Founder & Top Management of Digital Marketing Company focused all attention to achieve the triple bottom line of Profit, Productivity & People Development. They aimed at 3X times Revenue Growth over three years through interplay on Technology, People & Process in a conscious way. The Founder was of the view that “It is Important to build the Right Thing, but also equally important is to build it the Right Way?”.  The Founder envisioned, that, this digital company could sustain being a top in Digital Marketing by empowering the top team to create the Process, align it with Structured Role Cascade in Organization to deliver on the shared Vision of Being India’s Best Digital Company with Globally recognized competencies.

Their three-fold Objectives was to:
1.  Measure the Performance of Business through Soft yet Efficient Check Points
2.  Measure the Performance on the Job through Role Cascade in Functions
3. Measure the Performance of Service Orientation in Teams to improve Business Centricity

The Intervention Journey

We at 60 Bits were strategic partners to this Digital Company in the design & deployed the following to drive repeatable business outcomes namely:
ü  Integrated Process + Business Flow Framework,
ü  Role Cascade Framework in Functions
ü  Job Clarity on the Role
ü  Job Aid with Performance measures

Business Success Measures
1.      The Digital Company is currently being ranked in Top 10 in Digital Marketing in India and all set to achieve the 3 Million Dollar Mark at end of this year.
2.    Harness Actions rather than Reasons to drive business outcomes. Leadership Assessment using Online Survey jumped 70 Base Points influencing culture of Ownership & Performance.
3.      Objective Insights & Transparent Evaluations KPI’s Linked to Business Imperatives.
4.    Nurturing to build a Performance Driven Culture to harness Ownership & Achievement at Work – Great Place to Work!!!