Sunday, 11 March 2018

What's blocking your success?


Do you know why you are working as hard as you are? What that driving reason is behind everything you do?

We call that reason your personal mission.

A personal mission is something big and exciting that gives higher meaning and purpose to your life. You may have a noble cause for doing what you do or you may have a completely selfish reason, but being able to identify your "why" is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

If you look back at all the most influential people through history and study their actions, you should be able to easily identify their personal missions.

For example, Oprah Winfrey’s mission is: “to be a teacher and to be known for inspiring her students to be more than they thought they could be.” This statement has led her to become a media mogul who has helped millions of people through her philanthropic efforts as well as educate the world by producing her own television network.

Mother Teresa’s mission was simple: “to comfort the dying.” This led her to a life of helping people in any way she could through the lens of Catholicism.
So, do you know yours?

Everyone comes into this world with a special mission to make an extraordinary difference. The moment you start thinking about your mission is your life's great turning point. 

Your mission often emerges from within yourself. It’s something that starts to call to you, almost like distant music. To figure out what is calling to you, ask yourself these questions:

What do I really want to do with my life?
What moves me emotionally?
What do I feel passionate about?

As you answer these questions and start to define your mission, you have to imagine you have no limitations — you have all the money, talents, skills, and people you need. People like to say, “I’d like to do this, but I can’t because…” When you think through these questions, imagine you have a magic wand that gets rid of any of those limitations.

Lastly, you need to be very clear what difference your mission is going to make. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be accomplishable. Here are 3 steps to writing your mission statement:
1.    "My mission is to [what you intend to do and for whom you intend to do it]."
2.    "I achieve my mission by [the activities you will engage in]."
3.    "I will know that I have achieved my mission when [the measures you will use to determine if you have achieved your mission]."

That’s all from me now, and I’d like to leave you with this quote:

Your inner voice will ultimately guide you to say and do the right things at the right time.

Finding your mission is just like those scenes in movies where a character discovers a vital secret, and everything suddenly makes sense for them. Sometimes what blocks you from making sense of it all is your own mind.

My mission is to empower you reverse the unintentional negative beliefs, emotions, and habits in you that is blocking your success.

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To your mission,

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