Monday, 30 April 2018

Business Driven HR...Unlock the value of HR Business Partners

Reflect on the below:

·       Whether your HR Business partner team has got the right attributes…successful business partnering requires special type of competencies
·       Identify three big areas where a strong partnering relationship would add most value to the business
·       How can you enable your business partners to deliver direct quick win benefits to the business?
·       How much time is really spent on taking action to drive business performance?

The three big challenges which we have experienced while working with the HR Business teams are as follows:

·       Challenge 1 # Capability Gaps
o   “Unfortunately I am having to still focus on transactional work – I don’t get the opportunity to develop strategic skills:
o   “I would love more support around developing my skills, and it would be great to feel part of a HR Business Partner community”
·       Challenge 2 # Role Clarity
o   “I would like more clarity around the handoffs between me and other areas of HR”
o   “Since being given the title of HR Business Partner there has not really been much change in my day to day role”
·       Challenge 3 # Business Impact
o   “I already contribute to the business in many ways, but I feel that I could offer more value in certain areas”
o   “Sometimes it feels that HR and the Business are coming from different perspectives and it is hard for me to align them”

We have solutions to meet the above three challenges typically encountered by HR Business teams.

HR Business Partners need to believe that they are not just partnering with the business – but are themselves a vital part of the business. This can be achieved by linking HR Business Partner targets directly to business results.

So…how can you achieve more valuable business partnering? 60 Bits Consulting can assist you to build a business case for HR Business Partnering that is specific for your organization.

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