Thursday, 26 April 2018

Silence “the negative 48,000”...

You probably haven’t realized it, but did you know that you have over 60,000 conversations with yourself each day?
It’s true. Unfortunately, most of these conversations are about yourself, and according to research, 80% of these are negative thoughts.
This means we have over 48,000 negative thoughts each day.
We spend so much of our time telling ourselves we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough.
These negative thoughts have a powerful effect on us, and can affect our attitude, our motivation to act, our physiology, and even our biochemistry.
I like to demonstrate this phenomena in my live trainings.
When you experience negative thoughts—thoughts that create emotional states such as fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, or regret—the muscles in your body become weaker.
You can witness this exercise first-hand by participating in my two days workshop which is happening on 28th and 29th April at Holiday Inn, Mumbai to experience not only this incredible exercise, but so many more!
This one exercise I described above shows that when you experience positive thoughts, you flood your brain with endorphins, which helps you become more alert and centered. Positive thinking also increases pleasure while reducing physical pain.
As a result, you become more confident, optimistic, and motivated to achieve your goals.
Once you replace negative expectations with positive ones—when you begin to believe that what you want is possible—your brain will work on accomplishing that goal for you.
In fact, your subconscious mind will do whatever is necessary to make it a reality. But if you let negative thoughts interfere with that possibility, your subconscious will ensure you won’t accomplish your dreams and goals.
Just remember... Your beliefs are a choice!
So make the choice to believe in yourself, think positively, and never let negative thoughts determine what you’re capable of.
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