Saturday, 26 May 2018

The picture says it all..Come explore the power of facilitation skills...

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much...

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much...

A successful organization may be described as a ‘team of teams’. The success of any organization depends on the success of each team and the team’s ability to co-operate and support each other. 

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You can never fail. You just produce results. Everything in life is feedback and feed forward...

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

In the quest to be a genius one day...

Dear Zindagi, it’s been a while...

Last weekend when I was watching Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dear Zindagi’ what touched me the most was the definition of Genius.

Like Jug (SRK’s character in the film) quotes “Genius wo nahi hota jiske paas sab sawaal ke jawaab hon. Genius wo hota hai jiske pass jawaab tak pahunchne ka patience ho…” - that Geniuses don’t necessarily have all the answers, it’s just that they have the patience to get there.

As a Founder and entrepreneur, my cofounders and I have learnt the importance of patience and perseverance. We did not have all the answers. And we still don’t. But just the perseverance and passion to find the answers have kept us in good stead.  Life is a hard journey. The ones who succeed are the ones who have the patience to get to these answers.

Here’s to you Zindagi, for an exciting roller-coaster ride with you!

Student for life!

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

#success is a choice. I agree. I choose to succeed correlates perfectly with #achievement in virtually any field. People don't stumble on success; they choose it. To learn more about how to be successful visit www.60bitsconsultingcom or mail at

Monday, 21 May 2018

The higher up you go in the corporate ladder, the more your suggestions become orders

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Helicopter Ride...

Organizational Diagnosis is an effective ways of looking at an organization to determine gaps between current and desired performance and how it can achieve its goals.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Become a Government Certified Professional Process Facilitator...

Friday, 18 May 2018

Love the life you live ; live the life you you Zindagi...

Creating a great learning culture journey ...

Did you know going the extra mile and creating #development and #knowledge sharing opportunities with the employees and their families, builds a #culture of #Pride and #Respect for the organization To know more connect with us at 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The best coaches have a secret...they treat each team member uniquely

Serving India and the world with Pride..

Serving India and the world with Pride...happy to partner with organisations to #facilitate delivery of #business #outcomes through people.  To know more connect with us at or at I am reachable on +91 9223268309

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

60 Bits Consulting India's first company to partner with Skill India for our signature workshop #LEAF on #facilitation skills

Monday, 14 May 2018

A great way to kick start your sessions...#energizer #icebreaker

Sunday, 13 May 2018

The only job in the world which works for 24 by 7, no leaves, no increments, no can learn the bestest HR skills from the mother who nurtures the little ones from seedling to a tree...salute to the motherhood... Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Incomplete Development Plans (IDP)..


U.S. President Harry Truman had a desk signage saying ‘Buck stops here’ to indicate that he didn’t 'pass the buck' to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed.  

However, in the Corporate world, what amuses me is that the buck doesn’t stop with the employee when it comes to Individual Development Plan (IDP), even when it is for his/her own benefit! It is often observed that employees and other stakeholders keep passing on the buck to each other.

IDP tracking is seen as an overhead in the face of business deliverables. The Excel sheets don’t help either! And if at all the IDP tracking ability exists in the HRMS or LMS, it’s too complex for anyone to use.

The IDP ends up like a medical prescription or a diet-plan which is never followed or tracked. 70% of the IDPs never reach a logical conclusion.

Often we buy gym memberships but hardly end up going. To get over this syndrome, people have started calling the gym or yoga instructors home. Having the instructor turn up literally at the doorstep and his constant nudging, puts moral as well as obligatory pressure on us to make sure the work out happens. 

Similarly, organisations conduct Trainings, Assessment Centres, leadership development with a lot of rigor and excitement but often the Individual Development Plans (IDPs) don't go to a logical conclusion. There’s always a burning customer problem to be solved or there are targets to be hit. So the participants either end up prioritizing their daily jobs or lack the intrinsic motivation to develop themselves.

In our experience, developmental journeys that have been co created keeping in mind the work culture and employee first are the ones that reap the benefits most. When personal benefit becomes evident, people get motivated.

Would you be interested in a development program based on the above philosophy?

Do let me know. My colleagues and I would love to chat more. I am available at +91-9223268309 or can be reached at    


Thursday, 10 May 2018

Eliminate pain with three letters: “E-F-T”

Physical pain can be an unfortunate and inescapable part of life, and it can debilitate us from doing the things we love and enjoy.
The great news here is, our bodies are incredible machines that naturally heal over time, helping us get back to a normal physical state as quickly as possible.
But what about emotional pain?
In my training's, I always come across people who find it extremely difficult to overcome their "past," especially if they've experienced lack, violence, trauma, or abuse early in life.
And for the past 2 years, I've been using a little known (but highly effective), drug-free, and non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate post-traumatic stress with my participants.
This technique is called EFT Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique), and it can also help reduce chronic pain, anxiety, phobias, fears, limiting-beliefs, and many stress-related medical conditions.
The technique is so powerful, in fact, that it's been used with genocide victims in Rwanda and Bosnia, for disaster victims in Haiti, and with U.S. soldiers returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder.
It works by stimulating the body's own ability to release stored pain of any kind–physical or emotional.
This is achieved by tapping along pathways, or "meridians" throughout the body, in acupressure-like fashion while focusing your mind on the past hurt or current stress (phobia, fear, or anxiety).
Last month I conducted my “Awaken the Genie within” workshop at Holiday Inn, Mumbai, and would like to take this moment to share a quick story about a participant who attended this workshop and she overcame her fear of public speaking through EFT and guided meditation.
Friends, with this technique there's no reason to let fear, limiting beliefs, or past emotional pain stop you from achieving anything and everything you want.
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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Developing talent and skills...the building blocks of change...

Monday, 7 May 2018

Performing at your exclusive workshop ... for Global best brand...TATA

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Our 60 Bits learning's from our recent consulting project...


A prospective Digital client was evaluating our proposal for “service orientation to drive customer centricity” to achieve the triple bottom line of Profit, Productivity & People Development.

We had three rounds of meeting with the founders and finally our proposal was accepted. 
During, the initial stages of brainstorming and negotiations me and our team was a bit nervous, border line suspicious and skeptical. When we bagged the consulting contract we brainstormed on the learnings from the meetings we had with the client.

Often many times the insights drive results and the best insights comes from your people and customers. This is the driving force and purpose at 60 Bits Consulting. So we had crucial conversations and reflected the journey from the very start.

The learning's we could summarize are as follows:

·  Whenever you try to get a buy in, get a buy in on the concept. If you add implementation process early on you are opening up too many variables in the process.
·     To get the buy in is to articulate benefits that your decision makers / stakeholders wants to know how your approach or proposal can help them to achieve their goals. What do they need to do to succeed? Not to articulate benefits that we as consultants see through the project.
·     Lastly, you may encounter some skeptics who would be part of the final meeting and would be keen to demonstrate their ‘value-addition’. These are too smart to buy type of people who could find flaws in everything they see and never risk taking decision or buying anything. They would invariably come up with some fringe case objections and try to impress the boss on how smart their point was. The possible solution to deal with this is don’t defend too much. Hear them, just take care of their egos, give them a chance to feel smart and move on!
·       You need to be mindful of the culture of the organization and accordingly convince to get buy ins with practical and street smart ways.  

The project went through and we at 60 Bits Consulting were strategic partners to this Digital Company in the design & deployed the following to drive repeatable business outcomes namely:

ü  Integrated Process + Business Flow Framework,
ü  Role Cascade Framework in Functions
ü  Job Clarity on the Role
ü  Job Aid with Performance Measures
ü  Facilitative Lab to Cascade the Integral Business + Process Framework involving cross-functional Teams

The company implemented the above and things have been going well.

‘Well done 60 Bits team!’ is the only thing I could say at the end.

I am happy to serve any HR & OD Consulting need you may have. Please let me know. I can be reached at or  +91-9223268309  if you need any information. 


Saturday, 5 May 2018

Reflections as a Facilitator...


As an HR Practitioner and driving Change and transformation in organisations what amuses me is the way it is much abused science. What intrigues me is the way its given importance like some sort of communication templates and made the practice into a checklist of activities, the completion of which signifies a successful change intervention.

The real success of any intervention is achieved by winning over the support of employees who are driven by personal agendas, purpose and alignment that drives them to specific behaviors and political scheming that derails the most conceptually well laid plans.

Often as a facilitator I have encountered couple of challenges and situations that required me to delve deeper into the repository of facilitation skills.

Since, there is very little literature that I have found that provides insights into this tacit knowledge I am sharing my insights from my course of experiences in managing and facilitating change and organisation transformation.

Here it goes….

·     The challenge for me has been the application of the facilitation methods and tools in organisations that often do not follow the prescribed path of a planned transformation due to its unique culture and characteristics. Therefore, I have found that there is no one prescribed way of ensuring the success of interventions. Facilitation is as much an art as it is a science.

·  Employees resist change due to their perceptions and apprehensions regarding the proposed change. It requires a planned engagement beyond communication where employees need space to articulate their apprehensions and have them addressed by a competent internal team which has to be facilitated well.

·    Any intervention is therefore not an activity but a process of facilitating and aligning employees with the desired change in the organisation.

·       When participants are asked to first write down and then to find a partner to share those points they become better. Its because it becomes part of conversations with other people, instead of having it bottled up inside. When the participants start sharing you can experience a new energy generating within the group leading to greater bonding.

·    The energy, if left unharnessed, would soon dissipate. And aspiration, if left uncontrolled, would lead to team members moving in a misaligned manner that would be counterproductive to the process / session.

·   When people start sharing the opinions in a group without a structure, individual agendas and egos create an unhealthy cocktail of discussions, which mostly result in unproductive outcomes. These outcomes then get attributed to the facilitator.

·       Any limiting beliefs or assumptions of team members that were creating a barrier to achieving better results can be termed as “Theories in use”. As a facilitator, be aware of these during your pre work and diagnosis and also provoke the team to get them talking about these.

·  When you are instructing or asking any questions be sure that the members understood it clearly. An unclear purpose will result in unclear outcomes.

·      When the group doesn’t converge and has differing agendas, you may find the team would engage in behaviours that may disrupt the planned session. As a facilitator you need to ensure that the responsibility for success of the session rested on the team and not on the facilitator. Awareness and free choice were the necessary ingredients that impacted accountability. Individuals when left to articulate the behaviour that they would follow instead of being told how they were expected to behave would be encouraged to take ownership of their conduct. Hence, always have this end in mind and create the ways of working at the beginning of the session.

·    For facilitation to be successful, the facilitation process needs to evolve organically, since human dynamics make it difficult to predict all the complexities that could emerge during the intervention. Hence, you need to look deep into the culture of the organisation and have the willingness to adapt and refine processes as it is being implemented.

·  The need must be championed and supported from the top. The sponsorship and active support from the top in the initial phase acts as seeding for the next step.

·     Diagnosis of the current reality and clarity about the desired outcome is the most important stage to get in agreement with the sponsor.

·     If its an internal facilitator then it would only work when the employees were convinced about the credibility and expertise of the facilitator leading the initiative.

·      The business outcomes from the session would get the engagement and support of the business leaders.

·   The KPIs that are in the organisation have to be aligned. Conflicting organisation structures and metrics would impact the outcome negatively.

·      The teams if they are empowered and given freedom for the action plans it creates an energy and alignment for delivering outstanding results.

I hope the sharing of insights will augment the cumulative repository of practical knowledge in the global domain of Facilitation and will drive towards many positive success stories.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Prosperity begins with feeling good about yourself...are you open and receptive to all the good and abundance from the universe? #awakenthegeniewithin #mindpower #60bitsconsulting #60bits

What makes you different,makes you beautiful...#awakenthegeniewithin #mindpower #60bitsconsulting #60bits

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Blaming, excuses and denial will turn your dreams into dust #awakenthegeniewithin #mindpower #60bitsconsulting #60bits

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Having a positive attitude is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. #awakenthegeniewithin #mindpower #60bitsconsulting #60bits #subconcious