Sunday, 6 May 2018

Our 60 Bits learning's from our recent consulting project...


A prospective Digital client was evaluating our proposal for “service orientation to drive customer centricity” to achieve the triple bottom line of Profit, Productivity & People Development.

We had three rounds of meeting with the founders and finally our proposal was accepted. 
During, the initial stages of brainstorming and negotiations me and our team was a bit nervous, border line suspicious and skeptical. When we bagged the consulting contract we brainstormed on the learnings from the meetings we had with the client.

Often many times the insights drive results and the best insights comes from your people and customers. This is the driving force and purpose at 60 Bits Consulting. So we had crucial conversations and reflected the journey from the very start.

The learning's we could summarize are as follows:

·  Whenever you try to get a buy in, get a buy in on the concept. If you add implementation process early on you are opening up too many variables in the process.
·     To get the buy in is to articulate benefits that your decision makers / stakeholders wants to know how your approach or proposal can help them to achieve their goals. What do they need to do to succeed? Not to articulate benefits that we as consultants see through the project.
·     Lastly, you may encounter some skeptics who would be part of the final meeting and would be keen to demonstrate their ‘value-addition’. These are too smart to buy type of people who could find flaws in everything they see and never risk taking decision or buying anything. They would invariably come up with some fringe case objections and try to impress the boss on how smart their point was. The possible solution to deal with this is don’t defend too much. Hear them, just take care of their egos, give them a chance to feel smart and move on!
·       You need to be mindful of the culture of the organization and accordingly convince to get buy ins with practical and street smart ways.  

The project went through and we at 60 Bits Consulting were strategic partners to this Digital Company in the design & deployed the following to drive repeatable business outcomes namely:

ü  Integrated Process + Business Flow Framework,
ü  Role Cascade Framework in Functions
ü  Job Clarity on the Role
ü  Job Aid with Performance Measures
ü  Facilitative Lab to Cascade the Integral Business + Process Framework involving cross-functional Teams

The company implemented the above and things have been going well.

‘Well done 60 Bits team!’ is the only thing I could say at the end.

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