Thursday, 6 September 2018

Full participation...


It’s an interesting trend to watch now a days in most of the HR conferences / seminars / forums where I experience the process is top-down and condescending. We are familiar with the process where the experts up on stage speak, then people may ask questions individually, but not offer their own ideas.

I am thinking aloud, “what a difference it would make if, first of all, we were sitting around tables in full sight of each other. Then a facilitator could come out front and pose a focus question to the full audience, experts included, such as: “what can we do to deal with the talent crunch?” for example.

Participants would be invited to jot down notes on how they would answer the question. Then the facilitator collates their answers and jots it down onto the flip chart / computer with large screen if large number of participants to see and help the group pull together their wisdom.

Someone working in the background with computer and printer would have a document ready and printed up by the end of the session, so that everyone could leave with a copy of their work and decisions to work with.

By doing so people’s creativity is unleashed. They become a community dealing with the common problem. All participants have the opportunity to get their voices out. The experts have their turn and the participants has its turn. At the end there is a product to take home.

Imagine your organizations town hall / open house / communication meets using the above participatory facilitative approach?

Not only will It result in greater participation but also taking ownership, accountability and responsibility with a greater resolve to work as an engaged employee.

Its high time the structure of such forums / meetings where a few people sit at the front on stage and tell the assembled people in their serried rows what to do, think, etc. is changed to give more voice to the public with a collective process.

Check out the new method and let me know your experience.

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