Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Master the art of giving effective feedback during appraisals...


Did you know that according to a Harvard Business Review article, about 2/3rds of managers feel uncomfortable with communication in general?

According to the same article, giving critical feedback, in particular, is at the top of the list of conversations that managers are uncomfortable with.

Appraisals are around the corner and we know that giving critical and effective feedback is an important part of the preparation for the next financial year.

Feedback given to employees by your managers in this part of the year can decide the levels of motivation, and productivity of your employees throughout the year.

What if they could experience and learn about these critical, high-impact conversations in a fun and engaging way?

What if they learn the art of handling difficult conversations?

What if they learn to develop the right feedback mindset to tackle difficult feedback conversations?

What if they learn effective techniques to give feedback based on social styles?

What if they inspire others to deliver, collaborate and win as a team?

This is exactly what 60 Bits Consulting “Empowering your People” workshop does and can help your managers. Create an environment where you and others perform at their best and take ownership of their own development.

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