Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The ROI of learning...

Dear Learners,

A highly engaged workforce is not only more productive – engaged employees are shown to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction, profit and shareholder returns. There is a clear link between learning culture and engagement. However, despite millions of dollars spent in learning and development, corporations are failing to engage their people. This indirectly impacts customer satisfaction, profit, revenue growth and lose in productivity each year.

With shifting demographics and expectations of the workplace looking at the impact of a new generation of millennial employees on learning engagement and development, measuring learning is more important than ever and is a key in a new world of work.

Organizations seeking to attract and retain millennials, and meet the needs for continual learning across the workforce, will need to shift traditional training methods to more dynamic collaborative learning format while delivering content in a fun, engaging and process facilitative way in small, easily consumable bit sized chunks.

It’s time that we start measuring our training metrices on the following fundamental two criteria’s which can give big return on investment:  
      No of hours facilitated (there is a difference in facilitated and trained)
·       Make the learning transfer to work with relevant projects and measure the impact.

The best way to monitor the impact of the projects is the co-creation with the learners and from all key stakeholders. Getting the learners understand what’s in it for them.

With our experience when it comes to learning transfer we have heard the following arguments:
·       Manager does not support the learning
·       Process does not support learning
·       No opportunity to use the skills
·       No time to implement the skills
·       Didn’t learn anything that could be applied to work
·       Resources are not available to implement the skills
·       Dint see a need to implement
·       No body cares for the change

The discussion questions should be with reference to “Results” and not “Activities”. Sharing three discussion questions for you to start the conversation with your team:
1.       Identify the program linked to specific business needs.
2.       Ensure the environment is prepared to support program.
3.       Measure reporting of program as output focussed.

We at 60 Bits Consulting feel small change can make a big difference. Just by asking the above three questions you can make your learning more results and impactful. We all know adults like to learn by self, peers and by doing. To address the adult learning we use Process and Creative facilitation tools for Learning, Engaging, Application and Retention at workplace by simulating 70:20:10 in the program.

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