Friday, 1 March 2019

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears...

Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain – Ralp Waldo Emerson
So what are you afraid of?
A fear of failure? Rejection? Making a fool of yourself? Regardless of what it is you fear, it's important to remember that you are not alone. Fear is something we all feel and experience. It's a very natural emotion.
If you ever look at fear as a negative emotion, I'd like you to reframe your thinking. Fear is actually a good thing, and plays a crucial role in our survival as a species.
In short, it is a psychological defense against potential threats to our well-being. Which is great when it comes to looking over the edge of a cliff, or running into a wild (possibly hungry!) bear in the woods. It's easy to understand how "fear" in these situations can be extremely helpful.
The other type of fear that's a bit harder to appreciate is the fear that's buried deep down in our subconscious, creating limiting beliefs and holding us back from doing things that will actually improve our lives.
On the surface, it's easy to think of this fear as being negative, but you CAN find the power and positivity in it.
I want you to remember that fears are just part of the process. So let them show up, but then move past them. Make the decision to go for that new career position, ask that person out on a date, or ask for a promotion.

Do you know what F-E-A-R really stands for? Many psychologists use an anagram when talking about fear: It's F. E. A. R. (Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real), and remembering this when fear presents itself can help you with the mindshift necessary to create the results you desire.
Most of our fears are self-created fantasies about the worst-case scenario... the most negative outcome that could result if we take that risk. Instead of considering all of the positive possible outcomes, we immediately focus on the worst, and allow that to stop us from taking action.

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