Sunday, 28 April 2019

5 positive emotions to increase well being ND happiness as per positive psychologits ... peaceful, playful, thankful, hopeful & joyful... Facilitated the above with action plans for increasing the intensification of the above emotions at workplace using the process of Five ful envelopes by Thiagi... #60bits #60BitsConsulting #60Bitsconsulting #consulting #traininganddevelopment #training #facilitationskills #facilitation #skills #certification #processes #designthinking #processconsulting #workshop #LEAF #facilitator #workshop #roi #OD #hrbp #engagement #actionplanning

Following the passion of teaching... guest faculty for ISTD course on "Facilitation Skills"...

Friday, 26 April 2019

Consulting project kick off meeting to facilitate the journey of a performance oriented culture OD intervention starting with first phase of setting goals, JDs, RACI, KRA alignment... leading towards great place to work #60bits #60BitsConsulting #consulting #hrconsulting #ODintervention #performance #kra #goals #feedback #jobdescriptions #jd #hr #hrbp #raci #processes #processconsulting #processes #facilitation #competencies #gptw

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

HR operations in an OD way ...


While interacting with the clients in the course of OD consulting one of the frequently asked questions to me from most of the HR professionals who are handling the HR Operations or HR Business Partner role is they want to get into the OD role. Hence, that’s one of the reasons why they are either not engaged or satisfied with their current work profiles.

When I ask them about their understanding of OD and how they would like to add value they all unanimously seem to have a view that OD role is only possible in Strategic HR roles or for Organisation transformation or change management projects. They seem to feel they can’t apply OD in their current HR operations or HR BP role. Here, is where I differ from their point of view.

I personally believe you can apply OD into HR Operations as long as the intent and outcomes are well defined and clear. Organizations eternally strive to stay ahead of the change curve. It has become a wild goose chase due to the fast pace of change in the organizations, technology and environment. In the current scenario, the development of self-reflective, self-analytic and self-corrective capability in the organizations comes to their rescue.

The participative and collaborative approach of OD empowers the HR Operations or HR Business Partner team members in managing the formidable task of implementing change vis a vis the dynamic environment in which they operate.

OD to me in simple words is a journey of self-renewal which propels the individuals, teams and organization on the path of enhanced organizational performance and effectiveness.

Let me take an example of Exit Interview. Almost every organization which faces attrition would be having either a formal or an informal Exit Interview process in place. Reflect and introspect whether the exit interview process currently is being managed keeping in mind as a routine compliance operation perspective or as an improvement value added OD perspective?

If you were to wear the lens of an OD and look at an exit interview process you could possibly explore the tacit knowledge the employee has, identify how the tacit knowledge can be retained back or shared with the  team members, understanding the person’s thoughts and feelings – capturing the unsaid, sensing and connecting the dots to person’s emotions (good or bad), facilitating the conversations with the person taking over the role and setting him up for success  and so forth.

Evaluate what are the end outcomes or objectives you have defined in your exit process vis a vis what you expect and would like? If you think it as a transaction and just focus on ‘what’ - handing over the documents, stationery, company property, documents, signing exit papers, filling exit forms etc then its purely an administrative HR Operations role. If you think it as a excellence and also focus on  ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘why of why’ - improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the job role, system, work processes etc then it’s an OD role.

A small change makes a big difference. Thus a study of exit interviews can be such a powerful OD intervention and initiative to drive other systems such as Knowledge Management, Succession Planning, etc.

Would be happy to share some best practices in this area if you wish to learn and know more. Connect for more details with me at or you can reach me at +91 9223268309

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Take every step with confidence and comfort, this new year! #60bits #60BitsConsulting #60Bitsconsulting #hrconsulting #ODintervention #consulting #facilitationskills #skills #facilitation

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The way your Employees feel is the way your Customers will feel... #60bits #60BitsConsulting #consulting #learning #learninganddevelopment #learningsolutions #employeeengagement #performance #facilitationskills #processes