Monday, 24 June 2019

Gratitude to one and all!

Hi Friends

June 25, 1983. It is a story we never tire of hearing: how underdog India won the cricket world cup for the first time!

Similarly, June 25, 2017 is a day when a "Small Change led to a Big Difference" and we created our new story - 60 Bits Story. Hurrah, our new venture 60 Bits Consulting was born. An HR boutique management consulting with a strong belief and purpose of "Facilitating delivery of business outcomes through people".

I would like to share that with your blessings and good wishes, 60 Bits Consulting today completes its two years of operations. The journey was not easy but with all your support at every moment of our journey, we could traverse this well.

I would like to extend my Gratitude and a Big Thanks to my parents, family, team, clients and participants for being there with us always and we look forward to strengthening the relationships, further.

Look forward to your support and collaboration as we embark on new interventions for 2019!

Shyam Iyer

Founder & CEO
60 Bits Consulting